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Remember that you are in control and you can change your feelings in an instant.

The problem is that we keep focusing on the wrong things.

If you keep focusing on the things where you didn’t succeed, guess what? you are going to feel like a failure and when you feel like a failure you are not going to take action to make things better, you can’t built on a path that doesn’t work.

95% of your time has to be focused on the solution, not the problem


You can focus on what you want, those are the good news.

FOCUS is the secret key of changing and you can do it on an instant.

To change your focus change your language patterns.

We have patterns of questions that don’t serve us

What questions are you asking? What phrases are you saying?

One word can change the way you feel

The words you select affect you
Be wise,
Ask and you shall receive. Don’t ask lousy questions.
Phrases hypnotize us
The phrases that you say with such

    emotional intensity you start to believe them



We experience whatever we focus on

We feel whatever we picture

We feel whatever we say to ourselves and do with our bodies

Change the patterns!

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