Wayne Dyer – How to Be a No Limit Person

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This might be an “old video” but the Wisdom in here is timeless. The great Wayne Dyer (Who unfortunately past away this August 2015) gives a life-changing talk on this youtube video below.

Be a No Limit Person

You came into this world with nothing and that’s how you are getting out. What you have is your uniqueness, and you don’t need anything else.

Successful people or “no limit people” or whatever label you want to give them, they are people who always have enough.

Forgiveness is the vital ingredient
on the path to enlightenment

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There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way. – Wayne Dyer

Creative Visualization

The image that you have on anything in your life is really like mental behavior. Imagery is mental practice. When you have an image that you can succeed at something… that you can do it rather than you can’t do it, you will start acting on the image that you have. The same way that you will start acting in the practice that you have by shooting free throws or any other physical activity.

99% of ywho you are you can’t touch, you can’t see, you can’t smell. This is your conscious awareness. It is what looks out behind those eye balls. What is that? It isn’t cells, it is conscious awareness.

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This is a great video by Wayne Dyer who talks about life, the universe, coincidence, synchronicity, success, the true self, money, intuition, spirituality, relationships and in general a better understanding about our human life and purpose.