Alex Jones with Joe Rogan & Eddie Bravo (Ep 1255)

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The Joe and Alex make up explanation 0:00:00. The Sandy Hook explanation 1:29. Alex was threatened 5:25 Conspiracy theories – theories 13:30 Brain worms 14:30 Suicidal grass hoppers 16:22 MORE of the Sandy Hook 17:25 Bad media/Good media 18:14 Trump/Hillary Clinton 21:55 Alex’s bank credit (backlash from Sandy Hook) 22:23 Censorship 24:11 Alex refused to be compromised by globalist 27:46 China doesn’t have rules 28:41 Evil Globalist creating human/animal hybrids 31:24 The technology we have is cramp compared to the tech that the government has 33:55 * Breakaway government CIA NASA – DMT space alien meetings 44:44 Scientist cults harvesting babies 56:10 George Soros 1:31:17 Eddie Bravo enters 1:45:08 Eddie vs Alex while Joe pees 2:01:27 Eddie teases Alex and he loses it! 2:04:35 Thats why fraternities have male on male blow jobs and sheep fucking 2:07:20 More Evil Globalist creating human/animal hybrids 2:08:57 Steroids and meth in combat. Kamikazes 2:09:58 Hitler and the Nazis 2:12:00 NASA is the real government 2:20:14 Human Baby eating Aliens 2:23:30 Youtube and 911 videos vs Alien videos acceptance 2:28:30 …. Aliens 2:31:19 VR in 1957 2:36:54 Deliberate human heart stoppage, oxygen pumped into blood in order to attend Alien meetings 2:39:41 Internet searching/Google 2:42:00 Alex gives a small recap of interview 2:44:28 Grey Aliens aren’t what we thought they were… they’re even cooler! 2:45:00 Back to VR 2:46:07 Back to CIA 2:46:50 Internet trolls/saboteurs 2:47:00 … Aliens 2:54:21 Computers hooked up to insects/rodents 2:58:50 Human sacrifices 2:59:43 Mayans smokes penis blood to hallucinate 3:03:48 …Aliens, God 3:05:02 Joe’s experience on DMT 3:12:30 and Eddie Bravo’s DMT experience 3:12:59 Alex’s dreams coming true 3:15:11 Alex calls himself a retard 3:24:40 Flat Earth Project 3:25:20 Why people think the moon landing is fake/photos/radiation 3:32:09 1ST attempt to wrap this motherfucker up 3:39:10 2ND attempt to wrap this motherfucker up 3:51:22 Tower 7 3:51:41 What Alex has been accused of 4:01:45 3RD attempt to wrap this motherfucker up 4:04:56 The devil is very sexually seductive 4:14:20 Alex’s head injury 4:16:14 Alex loves to get choked out/gets emotional about dreams while he was knocked out 4:20:40 Different species of life automatically programmed to behave certain ways 4:23:20 Freedom of speech/censorship 4:27:19 Trannies in sports 4:30:00 Alex loves black people 4:34:00