Universe talk – Sean Carroll with Joe Rogan

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Universe talk

The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan talks with Sean Carroll on The Joe Rogan Experience Episode #1003


Sean Carroll is a cosmologist and physics professor who specializes in dark energy and general relativity

Among the topics discussed:

The Earth, volcanoes, earthquakes, planets, physics, the “farse” and theories behind What The Bleep do We Know, the cosmos, science, atoms, our reality and existence and the ego within the scientific community.

Universe talk - Joe Organ & Sean Carroll

More topics:

Quantum mechanics, ¬†Deepak Chopra and his love for a “word salad”. New Age arguments, aliens, the discovery of hypernovas, the law of attraction, astronomy, Deepak Chopra-isms, the universe, the movie Interstellar, artificial intelligence.

One of the break-throughs in artificial intelligence of the last couple decades was to realize that if you try to build an artificial intelligent computer it becomes more realistic if you give it a body, if you give it a face and it can interact with people.

We underestimate the extent to which having a body is  an important think on how we think and who we are.

Quantum mechanics is a recipe for calculating what’s going to happen in your experiment.

It’s much easier to detect light than to detect gravitational waves.

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Joe: What do you do most of the time, when you are not teaching? When you are working on these kind of stuff.. How do you structure it?

Sean: The ability to structure on your own is necessary to get to a certain stage in your career, but yes I have graduate students who I work with as well as other colleagues I collaborate with, but basically I go to the office or a cafe with pen and paper, that’s my job.

Joe: Did you ever go through a period in your life when you were obsessed by aliens?

Sean: Yeah, when I was a kid certainly, not only aliens but psychic powers and all that stuff. I was very interested in all the cool stuff and I became more and more scientific as I aged.

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