Who built the Great Pyramid?

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Egyptian Pyramids

How do I think the pyramids were built?
To be honest I have no answer to that question.

Anybody who tells you that he or she knows how the pyramids were built are not telling the truth, because we don’t know.

British writer and reporter Graham Hancock talks about the pyramids of Egypt.


The Great Pyramid contains a number of mysteries. First of all it’s very big.

The Great Pyramid weights 6 million tons. It’s foot print is 13 acres. It’s more than 750 feet along each side, it’s 481 feet tall, more tan 2.5 million individual blocks of stone were used for its construction.


Not only is it big, but it’s really precise.

The Great Pyramid is locked-in to the cardinal dimensions of our planet

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The Great Pyramid is targeted on true north within three sixtieth of a single degree. No modern builder would create a large building and add onto his shoulders the additional burden of aligning it to tyre north within a fraction of a single degree, they just wouldn’t get it nor understand why it’s important to do that, but something drove the builders of the pyramids.

Also, the fact the the dimensions of our planet are incorporated into  its dimension.

For thousands of years, that monument has encoded and speaks out the dimensions of our planet on a scale of 1 to 43,200

This is a work of almost space-age precision. Great skill.

Some people will say that the Great Pyramid was built by slaves, which is BS, says Hancock.

No slaves were ever involved in the construction of the Great Pyramid, as far as I know there were no slaves. It is a work of stunning artistic achievement, you are looking at the works of masters at architecture at the peek of their skill.

There are block of stone weighing 70 tons who have been lifted more than 300 ft above the ground, not just a coule of blocks, dozens of blocks.

They did it all right and nobody today can explain how they did it.

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