Gary Vaynerchuck gives employees advice (DailyVee)

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Gary Vaynerchuck


Gary Vaynerchuck (Gary Vee) dropping some business wisdom for success.

On this episode of DailyVee Gary listens to to his employees concerns and gives advice… among other things.

What does it mean to live a fuller life? Live by your rules, nobody else’s, not mine cause I’m “fancy”, not your mother’s, not the fckn world’s. Your vision of your life by your rules every da, to me that’s a full life.

I believe the way winners win is by going to other winners and basically framing up: Hey, I wanna jam with you (However you wanna say that)

Gary Vaynerchuk quotes on Patience

Nobody has patience ever, this is not a millennial thing. Ask your grandmother, she didn’t have patience either. Humans don’t have patience, it’s why we reward the patient and talented.

You gotta make sure that your actions map your mouth and your ambitions.Those things have to map, your actions and what you are saying… and what you are doing have to map.

I genuinely am excited about the random idea that it all falls apart tomorrow. When you can get there, you got to fall in love with the loss. That to me is the ultimate. It’s a great thing to fire you up about, because you’ve almost eliminated everything. Cause it’s not about… oh ok, now I’m ready to crush this startup, now I’m ready to crush this relationship, now I’m ready to crush this job… It is the revers. I’ve crushed.

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