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Tony Robbins with Frank Kern
Tony Robbins: The Magic Of Visualization (Law of Attraction)

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What’s the holy grail between somebody taking action or not: Certainty

When you are absolute certain that if you do “this” and that will generate such result and that result will change yoru life, you’ll do it.

What’s the difference between people who follow through and those who don’t. Wat makes the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?


What’s the potential of a human being?

Tapping on potential has a lot to do on what type of action you take. The action you take will determine the results you get.

Most people have a belief about their real potential, regardless fo what you tell them.

Frank Kern
Visualization exercise

Let’s say a person has unlimited potential, we all agree, but they take little action, little results, Why? Because they have to start with a problem in their belief.

The action you take will determine your results.


Condition yourself, once you are certain, you will do it.

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