You become what you think

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You become what you think,


Your thoughts produce peptides used in cell division that create cells with positive or negative emotion receptors. Have you ever wondered why you are frustrated, everything makes you more and moore frustrated? When you are happy, everything makes you more and more happy. Take a look at Dr. Candace Perts works. In 1972 as a mere graduate student, she discovered the brain’s opiates receptor. The cellular side where the body’s pain killers and bliss makers, the endorphins bond with cells to weetheir magic.

Buddha told us you become what you think, now science is catching up. There is proof this is true. Well, we didn’t need to wait for science, didn’t we. The life of a cell is determined by which receptors are pno its surface and whether or not they are occupied by legans which are small molecules that bind themselves to cellular reeptors. There are three types of leegans. Neurotransmiters, steroids and peptides. Now here is the interesting part, according of Dr Pert’s work, as many as 95% of leegns are peptides.

Peptides are produced in the hyppotalamus. The type of peptide produces is determined by how we think r feel at any given moment. Peptides are channeled thru the pituitary gland and then into the bloodstream where they then visit all the 20 to 30 trillion cells in your body. In the film What the Bleep do We Know, Dr Joseph dispenser explains, when a new cell gets produced, it isn’t a clone of the old but a cell that contains more receptives for whatever peptides it received that caused it to split.

To break it down simply, the more you feel a certain way, the more peptides you create that create cells that have receptors looking for the same peptides.

Manifestation Recording
Once you are in this state (Theta Brain Wave), Visualize, Visualize, Visualize. Believe that your dream came true and it will!

Your body literally becomes depended on and addicted to cerain emotions.

That’s why when you are angry everything makes you more and more angry. The same with depression, anxiety or joy. You become what you think. Be aware of your thoughts, we are here.